PT Pratama Setia Mandiri, adalah supplier oli merk Agip, disamping mejual kami juga memberikan dukungan teknis bagi semua customer. Agar kami dapat memberikan rekomendasi dan solusi terbaik untuk menentukan oli yang dibutuhkan sesuai dengan kapasitas dan kinerja mesin.


  • AGIP CLADIUM 120 has excellent detergent  properties, which effectively prevent formation of lacquer, and carbon deposits on piston lands and grooves, thus keeping the rings free even in the most highly-rate engines.
  • Its TBN retention properties remain high even after extended use, thus ensuring effective neutralization of acidic products.
  • Its anti-corrosion properties provide efficient, long-term protection of liners.
  • Despite its high detergent-dispersant efficiency, the demulsibility characteristics allow rapid separation of water accidentally entering the engine.
  • Its very good anti-wear properties ensure the life of all sliding parts.
  • Its antifoam properties prevent breakdown  of the oil film, thus ensuring superior hydrodynamic lubrication of moving parts.
AGIP BLASIA oils meet the requirements of the following specifications :

  • ISO 12925
  • US STEEL 224
  • ANSI/AGMA 9005-D94 (AGMA 2EP, 3EP, 4EP, 5EP, 6EP, 7EP, 8EP)
  • DIN 51517 TEIL 3 CLP
  • DAVID BROWN S1.53.101 (5E)
  • AGIP BLASIA oils have very good anti-wear and EP properties as demonstrated by the following tests :
  1. FZG  : pass the 12th stage level
  2. TIMKEN : OK LOAD 60 lbs
  3. 4 BALL EP :
    110 kg last non-seizure load
    280 kg weld load
  4. Foaming Tendency/Stability :
    Seq 1 : 0/0
    Seq 2 : 0/0
    Seq 3 : 0/0
  • Thermal and oxidation stability, permitting continuous use at operating temperature as high as 100 °C.
  • Non-corrosiveness towards materials employed for the construction of machinery and especially those used for gaskets and seals, as well as metals such as steel, cast iron, copper, and bronze.
  • Demulsibility : AGIP BLASIA oils separate rapidly from water and thus ensure perfect lubrication even in applications where water contamination is possible, as in steel-making plants for instance.
  • Rust protection properties : These oils effectively help protect and conserve lubricated parts even in damp conditions.
  • Toxicity : the product is non-toxic since they contain no lead compounds.
eni Acer ID products is approved or meet requirements of the following specifications :
– DIN 51524 TEIL 1 HL
– BS 4231 HSC
– AFNOR NF E 48603 HL
– DIN 51056 VBL

eni Acer ID

oils are high quality oils for use in circulation systems and in hydraulics circuits. They are obtained from selected paraffinic base stocks treated with antioxidant and antirust additives (R & O oils, ISO-L-DAB, ISO-L-HL classifications). They are available in many grades that cover a very broad range of viscosity and are therefore able to meet all requirements of practical interest.

AGIP THERM OIL 3 can be used in closed type units with:
– Maximum boiler outlet temperature 295 oC
– Maximum boiler wall temperature 325 oC
AGIP THERM OIL 5 can be used in closed type units with:
– Maximum boiler outlet temperature 320 oC
– Maximum boiler wall temperature 335 oC
AGIP OTE products meet the requirements of the following tests and specifications:

  • ABB HTGD 90117
  • AEG KANIS 14-7-1970 (DIN 51515)
  • AEG PV 198851
  • BS 489
  • CEI 10-8 SEPTEMBER 1994-2367
  • CINCINNATI P-38 (VG 32), P-55 (VG 46), P-54 (VG 68)
  • DIN 51515 (Teil I)
  • ESCHER WYSS 2050995 F
  • GENERAL ELECTRIC GEK-28143 Type I (VG 32), Type II (VG 68), Type III (VG 100) gas-turbine.
  • IEC 962-1988
  • KWU TLV 901301
  • NATO 0-240 (MM-0-2001)
  • NF 384 AFT 141
  • SIEMENS KR 900/01-1 (DIN 51515)
  • UNI ISO 8086
  • The high Viscosity Index of all grades minimizes changes in viscosity throughout the normal temperature range, thus ensuring that a proper lubricant film is maintained even
    at high operating temperatures.
  • AGIP OTE oils have especially high oxidation and aging resistance and do not form either sludges or deposits. They are therefore suitable for extended service. Indeed they exceed 3000 hours in the Turbine Oil Stability Test (TOST) and amply exceed the oxidation level of IP 280 (CIGRE) test.
  • Their anticorrosion and antirust properties provide effective  protection of all lubricated parts, the oil circuit, storage tanks, heat exchangers, etc.
  • They have very good antifoam properties and readily eliminate entrained air thus reducing the danger of discontinuity in the lubricant film. Air locks and cavitations in the circulation pump, erratic regulator operation and overflow of oil from storage tank vents.
  • They have very high demulsibility. This characteristic prevents formation of stable emulsions and ensures quick, complete, spontaneous separation of entrained water, thus guaranteeing continuity and homogeneity of lubricant film which is essential for correct lubrication and for minimum friction and wear.
  • DIN 51303 KA
  • DIN 51303 KC
  • MM-O-2008 type II (NATO  O-283)
  • MM-O-2008 type IV (NATO  O-290)
  • SABROE (0170-104-EN – M Group)
AGIP Betula Series are superior quality lubricants formulated from special napthenic base oils appropriately refined to import a low pour point, alow flock and high resistance to oxidation and carbon deposit formation, all properties essential for correct lubrication of refrigeration compressors
AGIP EXIDIA HG oils satisfy the thermal stability and stick slip tests required by the specification:

  • CINCINNATI P 53 (ISO VG 32), P 47 (ISO VG 68) and P 50 (ISO VG 220).

AGIP EXIDIA HG oils comply with the following specifications:

  • ISO-L-HG 32 and 68
  • ISO-L-G 220
  • ISO-L-CKE 220
  • STANIMUC G 32, 68 and 220
  • DIN 51502 CGLP
  • AGIP EXIDIA HG oils lubricate perfectly the guide-saddle connection of machine tools and prevent sticking and vibration, which influence the quality of finish of the machined item and the life of the tool.
  • The additives contained in the product modify the static and dynamic friction coefficient values in order to avoid “stick-slip” phenomena and thereby ensuring a regular action of the machines and compliance with the requested tolerances.
  • The formulation of the oils has been studied in order to ensure a good rust protection and a good demulsification of the oil, which is  especially important for machines such as grinders in which water-based solutions are used as the cutting fluid.
  • AGIP EXIDIA HG oils satisfy the Cincinnati Milacron thermal stability test. This test demonstrates the resistance to sludge  and deposit formation and the absence of corrosion in iron and copper and their alloys, due to the temperature effect.
  • The high viscosity index of this series of products guarantees a constant performance of the lubricant within a wide range of operating temperatures.
  • AGIP EXIDIA HG oils possess high load resistance characteristics. The total weight loss in the Vickers test is approximately 27 mg and grades 32 and 68 are therefore particularly suitable for use as hydraulic fluids in the operation of modern machine tools.
AGIP ALISMA 32 PV is formulated from specially-selected bases treated with antioxidation and anticorrosion additives (turbine-oil type) as well as a vapour-phase corrosion inhibitior which protects the machine when not in operation


AGIP GR MU 00 has been homologated by Italian Rail in “Category 002/188” (lithium grease for wheel-flange lubrication).
  • The high mechanical and chemical stability of the product ensures that its properties remain unaltered even after  long exposure to intense mechanical loads and thermal stresses.
  • Its outstanding resistance to oxidation inhibits deterioration both during storage and use, while its high dropping point allows the product to be used effectively over a wide range of temperatures.
  • AGIP GR MU 00 grease adheres tenaciously to the surfaces to which it is applied, resisting the dislodging effect of vibrations. It is also water-resistant, so it can be used in wet environments and in contact with water.
  • The multipurpose characteristics of AGIP GR MU 00 permit rationalization of stocks, since a variety of components can be lubricated with a single semifluid grease.
  • The presence of EP (Extreme Pressure) additives provides a lubricating film that will with stand the mechanical stresses which occur in heavily loaded sliding bearings.
  • Their very good oxidation resistance ensures a long service life even at high temperatures.
  • Their good water-washout properties (typical value of GREASE LP 2 at 175  F is 1.5%) and adhesion permit their use even in the presence of water.
  • They provide rust protection and are noncorrosive to copper and copper alloys.
  • The greases are pumpable, so they can be used in centralized lubrication systems.